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The Dewalt Router

Bringing life to your wooden project is not a hard task ifyou have the right dewalt tools. One dewalt power tool usedfor this purpose is the dewalt router. With the variety of bitsavailable for this dewalt tool, its harder to decide what designyou want th... Read >

The Dewalt Reciprocating Saw

Better known as the sawzall, to most Dewalt toolusers. The Dewalt reciprocating saw could be classedas one of the most versatile Dewalt tools on the markettoday. With the different blade attachments you can cutthrough various materials with ease, hence th... Read >

The Dewalt Planner

An essential Dewalt power tool for a serious woodworking enthusiast
is the Dewalt planner. The reason I say that is, most wood working
patterns require thicknesses that may be hard to find at the local supply
store. With a Dewalt planner and a few pas... Read >

The Dewalt Table Saw

One of the most common Dewalt power tools you will
find in any garage, work shop, or new home job site is
the dewalt table saw.

The Dewalt table saw is one of the most frequently used
tools for cutting precise widths by using the rip fence. But... Read >

The Dewalt Scroll Saw and the Weekend Hobbiest

The possibilities of making wood crafts and decorations
are unlimited, when you have the right tools, and patterns.
Dewalt tools are my preference, for the simple fact that they
are dependable and they have a large variety for just about
every job ima... Read >

Dewalt Power Tools--Safety Tips

With the rush of everyday life these days, safety seems to rank in second place behind productivity. For instance,trying to get a roof on a new home before bad weather sets in.Naturally, you speed up to avoid weather damage. At the same time, without even... Read >

Dewalt Power Tools--Framing and Remodeling

Dewalt tools are designed to assist in everything from the construction jobsite and industrial work to the everyday work at home projects and hobbies. And having the right dewalt power tool on hand will make things go faster and easier.

One of the d... Read >

Baby Godzilla Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T

In 1989 the Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T was born with specifications way ahead of its time. The R32 was smaller in size compared to the old boxed shaped R31, looking much more like a sports car than a family sedan. The shape of the car was refined dramatically and the famous round stove top tail lights were retained. The interior was dramatically improved to make you actually feel like your sitting in a sports car.

The silky smooth RB20DET engine suits was introduced to the R32 and really compliments the car well but lacks a little torque.. The 158kw is produced by a 2 liter, twin cam, inline 6, with variable valve timing on the engines intake. Air is forced into the engine via a turbocharger with a ceramic exhaust wheel for quick spooling. Air is further cooled via side mounted air to air intercooler. All this technology back in 1989 meant the Skyline was capable of achieving 0-100 in 6.5 seconds and the 400m sprint in 14.8 seconds.

Driving the R32 Nissan Skyline is fantastic it weighs 1320kg's and is equipped with independent multilink suspension on all 4 corners. This equates to a direct steering feel and great handling. Another technical gadget shared with its bigger GTR brother is a 4 wheel steering system called HICAS, which stands for High Capacity Actively Controlled Steering. This system as the name suggests actively steers the rear when cornering, the amount the rear wheels turn is depended on speed and cornering angle. This device seems to reduce under-steer giving the Skyline a flatter cornering feel.

Tuning potential for the Nissan Skyline R32 is fantastic add a nice free flowing exhaust and intake and the RB20DET really comes to life and sounds great too. You can add another 25+kw to the factory claimed 158kw with these 2 modifications alone. Stiffer sway-bars front and rear will drastically improve the already fantastic handling. In Australia a Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T coupe can be picked up for 10-14 thousand dollars this is good value for money for amount of performance they deliver. For more information I recommend visiting

Glenn Munn
Skyline enthusiast

Glenn Munn has been a sports car Enthusiast for many years. More information and tuning guides for all popular skyline models can be found at his website Nissan Skyline

The Australian Diet

The Australian diet may help you feel full of energy and eliminates fat in the strategic points, according to Peter Clifton and Manny Noakes at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO).

The perfect nutritional combination in order to obtain and maintain a healthy weight includes thirty-three percent proteins, thirty-six percent carbohydrates, twenty-six percent fats, most of them saturated, and small amounts of alcohol.

The Australian diet allows you to set your own daily menu as long as you pay attention to the following CSIRO indications:

Proteins should be consumed in three units of three ounces, one unit for lunch and two for dinner. Two units of two ounces of whole-grain bread per day that may be replaced by a five ounces potato, one ounce of rice or vegetables, or two ounces of pasta.

Dieters should consume one unit of cereals per day such as two ounces of muesli, one toast, or other whole-grains. If you want to follow the Australian diet should consume two units of dairy products, but you may have three units if you consume only two units of proteins per day.

Dieters are allowed to have two units of fruits per day, five ounces of fruits, or one glass of unsweetened juice per day. They should also consume at least 2,5 units of vegetables of five ounces each, and three units of spices per day. The Australian diet provides about 1350 calories per day.

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Three Baby Shower Gifts They Won't Expect

I love baby showers. I love the idea of helping an expectant mother prepare for the arrival of her unborn child. I love sitting with a bunch of women as they trade mommy stories, play silly games, and eat yummy food. But what I don't like is watching one gift after another open only to discover it's the same theme: diapers, baby bottles, baby clothes. I've always prided myself on discovering unique gifts that both mommy and baby can use�"maybe not the minute baby is born but eventually, when all the other gifts have long been forgotten. And these three items are sure to add a new twist to the words, "baby shower gift"…

By Laura Hamrick

Whether you're an advent coupon clipper, a frugal shopper with a calculator and buying list, or a mom with young children, you'll want to get an OnTray™.

This little tray is amazingly simple to use and yet, it saves so many headaches. Simply attach the clip to the shopping cart handlebar and your hands free. No more bending over to pick up dropped baggies of snacks, no more bending over to pick up calculators that have slipped through the cracks on the seat, and no more little one's whining because they're bored or hungry.

The tray can be used to hold snacks, coupons, crayons and a pad, action figures, and so much more. And the best part is that it isn't bulky. It doesn't take up a lot of room so your child can still sit comfortably in the shopping cart. In fact, you can put two OnTrays side by side�"one for you and one for your child�"and still have plenty of room.

So the next time you're doing a little grocery shopping, think about how much easier it would be to have a little tray, then go home and hop online to order an OnTray™ for yourself�"heck, you may even want to get a couple for gifts. I promise you won't be disappointed!

Snak Trap
By Christine Moss

I have to admit that when I first saw The Snack Trap™ I didn't think it would work. After all, the lid seemed flimsy and the hole looked as though the food would just force its way out when dropped or tipped over. But I've dropped it, turned it upside down, and shoved my large adult hand in and out of the lid…and guess what happened? I pleasantly found the lid works! This is an amazing product and my only regret is that it wasn't invented sooner!

Every parent's worst nightmare is finding his/her child has stashed an entire year's worth of finger foods under his/her car seat or having to follow that child around the house picking up the trail he/she has left behind.

While The Snack Trap™ was originally invented for toddlers, I have to admit that I find it the perfect solution for snacking at my desk! How many times have we, as adults, brought a cup of small snacks to the desk only to knock them over while looking for an item or reaching for that cup?

The next time you're out shopping for the perfect baby shower gift, Christmas stocking stuffer, or just because gift, for a toddler in your life, buy The Snack Trap™.

10 Minute Menu
By Kathleen Peters

Are you tired of wasting your hard-earned money on restaurant and fast-food bills? Do you find grocery shopping to be your least favorite chore? With 10 Minute Menu, you'll not only find grocery shopping more desirable, but you'll learn to cut your grocery bill in half, save hundreds of dollars by eating in, and waste less food.

When I first opened the 10 Minute Menu Planner, I have to admit that I was overwhelmed. With my busy lifestyle, the idea of putting together a meal plan just didn't appeal to me. After all, who had time to scour recipe books, make the initial shopping list, and set up the menu planner? So I put off the review.

Then after countless trips to the refrigerator where I'd literally open and close the refrigerator in exasperation, I decided to give the 10 Minute Menu a try.

Each planner comes with everything you need to plan meals for an entire month, but what makes the system unique is that you aren't eating meals you've never tried. You're picking your family's favorites and incorporating them into a plan that works for your busy lifestyle. Then once everything is in place, it literally takes seconds to prepare evening meals. Which means…

You guessed it! Busy parents have more time to spend with their kids!

One thing I did different with the system was type and print out my recipes, using a 9 point font. I then cut and glued the recipes to the cards provided in the kit; that way, I didn't have to flip through recipe books and magazines, thus saving me even more time!

About The Author:
Alyice Edrich is an affordable freelance writer specializing in how-to articles for the web. To hire her for your next writing project or to view her rates, visit: Or visit her online e-bookstore store to learn about running a business from home.

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Fun and Inexpensive Baby Shower Decorations

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Expecting Mother’s Diet Influencing Baby’s Gender?

Boy or girl? If you're an expecting mother, and don't want to accidentally influence the gender of your future baby, you may want to pay special attention to your diet before conceiving the baby, according to recent studies.

A baby`s sex depends on several different factors, which may enhance or decrease the performance of spermatozoids with the Y chromosome, the chromosome that defines the sex.

Recent studies conducted on mice proved that the females that followed a diet based on saturated fatty acids gave birth preponderantly to male babies. If their mothers' diet contained mostly carbohydrates, more females were born, according to Dr. Michael Roberts from the Missouri-Columbia University.

Other factors that influence your child`s sex include your body's PH and the frequency of the sexual contacts before ovulation. Researchers believe that the high-fat diet produces certain hormonal changes in the feminine reproductive system.

Based on the study's results, it follows that, in case you'd like to have a girl, you should try to eat foods richer

in calcium and magnesium such as eggs, dairy products, cereals, nuts, ice cream, grapefruit, apples, carrots, mandarins, and foods without salt.

Mothers who'd like to have a boy should eat foods with high amounts of sodium and potassium like meat, fish, beans, rice, potatoes, peaches, bananas, watermelon, tomatoes, and apricots.

The study's authors pointed out that diet is only one of several factors that may influence a baby's gender.

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