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Free Kitchen Cabinet Plans

Perhaps nothing compares to the true beauty of a cabinet. In the larger scheme of things, a kitchen cabinet is perhaps the greatest of them all. You get elegance, grace, and sophistication in a cabinet. Some people like glass fronts; some people like solid wood. Depending on what you like, free kitchen cabinet plans can help make your dreams a reality.

The Search

First thing you want to do when you search for free kitchen cabinet plans is to hop on the Internet and find yourself a search engine. I prefer Google, but some prefer Yahoo or MSN; there are other search engines such as Dogpile and Go. Pick the one you prefer.

Whichever you choose, they usually allow Boolean expressions. You want to do a search for what you want with "+" in front of them such as +free +kitchen +cabinet +plans. If you are pretty sure you want the kitchen cabinets you may want to make that +kitchen-cabinet (I say cabinet because you will get more hits if you leave off the "s"). A small hint that comes in handy is that usually, you can also use a "-" or minus sign. Such as +free +kitchen-cabinet +plans and then you could add a -naughtyword: naughtyword would then not be allowed in the result.

Now that you have a good idea of how Boolean expressions work, you can find yourself some free kitchen cabinet plans. If you cannot find what you are looking for with one search engine, I suggest you try another search engine. Often, one will not have what another will have. Have fun! Do a lot of searches until you have what you want.

Moving Forward

Once you have found free kitchen cabinet plans that meet your specifications, it is a good idea to thoroughly read those instructions. Then you will be able to carefully purchase the hardware and materials needed to make your kitchen cabinets. Usually, the first thing you should do is grab a measuring tape and some paper with a pencil. You want to take precise measurements of your kitchen and record it on the paper. This is a necessity. I suggest you measure on the inside borders of the walls. This is a great way t o learn exactly what you need.

Tools Please

Okay, now you need the proper tools. I suggest you do this project only if you have current knowledge of the power tools that are required for this project. It is really sticker shock to go out and buy all the tools needed fresh. In addition, you will need a couple of new tools perhaps that you may not have been aware of. Check the instructions for further help.

Material If You Would

Free kitchen cabinet plans are great because they are indeed free. However, you should make sure the instructions are thorough. You should have a good idea of how much material is needed for your project. The measurements you took will be essential during this step. You will want to figure out first what type of material you want. While everyone thinks solid wood is the only choice, I tell you now that it is expensive and it is heavy. Maybe you can afford the expense, but ask yourself how your walls will handle the enormous weight.

Once you have taken an honest look at what material you want to use, I suggest you visit a home improvement store or a hardware store that sells the material you need. Take in your measurements and get the material you need delivered to your home - usually at no additional charge. Do not forget the brackets, nails, screws, and other such smaller hardware. Usually, a store associate will be more than willing to help you get everything you need.

The Next Step

You will obviously want to take out those old kitchen cabinets if you have not yet done so. This is quite the chore. Sometimes, you can save the old ones and sell them, recycle them, or give them to a local charity. However, you accomplish this: those old cabinets have gotta go.

You will want to take the time to clean the walls thoroughly at this point. I like to take bleach water over the whole area and let it dry. This is easy because my husband is now in the workroom with power tools blaring. I check on him and love that pure look of ecstasy that is on his face - I rarely see that look outside of his power tools experience. I go in to help him when he needs help, but this is really an easy chore for people that understand what they are doing and have some concept on how to follow those free kitchen cabinet plans.

The End Is Near

Installing the kitchen cabinet is easy compared to the rest of your kitchen cabinet journey. I suggest you make sure that all of those cabinets are completed before you attempt this step. Sometimes, you will have a cabinet that is slightly off and needs readjusting. I never add the doors until the rest of the base cabinet is installed first. Never completely secure the cabinet until all of the cabinets are installed.

Free kitchen cabinet plans are great because you do not have to spend extra money on a project that is otherwise extremely pricey. Follow your instincts and those instructions for that best and most rewarding kitchen cabinets you have probably ever owned.

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