Monday, August 29, 2011


Family Adventure in the Olympic National Park

Road Trip Planners know that National Parks offer some of the best family summer vacations. They also know that millions of other travelers are hitting the massively popular parks like Yellowstone and Yosemite during the summer. So where do you take you... Read >

Discover the Southern Charm of Charleston and Savannah

Every couple should add Charleston and Savannah to their road trip planner if they want to set the stage for romance on their next vacation. These two cities dish up hearty helpings of Southern Hospitality spiced with an intoxicating combination of roma... Read >

Try a Train Trip This Summer

An appealing alternative to the standard road trip adventure that road trip planners might consider this summer is to utilize the train system for the long stretches of highway between destination cities and then renting a car to explore the area. This wa... Read >

Adult Road Trip from Vegas to Disneyland

Vegas is often touted as the adult Disneyland and many couples make Disneyland their vacation destination so why not add both to your road trip planner and make it a week long road trip where you'll experience two distinct types of FUN?

This particular... Read >

Top 10 Countdown To Why You Should Go Camping

Sit back as editor, Ingrid McCleary (a veteran camper) extols the virtues of camping.

No. 10--You get hands-on experience with your state's symbols. In California, for example, you could spot the valley quail perched in a redwood tree while you hike th... Read >

Exploring the Valley of the Sun Road Trip

Road Trip Planners enjoy creating trips to the Valley of the Sun because they can bet on getting blue skies and sunny days for the duration of their trip. Going on a Summer Road Trip to Phoenix and Scottsdale ranks as one of the Best Destinations in the U... Read >

Top Cross Country Road Trips

Going on a Cross Country Road Trip excites most Road Trip Planners because there's something about the open road that beckons, promising freedom, or at least a taste of it. Finding the balance between hitting as many states as possible and "enjoying the r... Read >

Rev up your RV for Great Road Trip Adventures

Summer's just around the corner so Road Trip Planners across the United States are airing out their RVs for some exciting road trip adventures. If you don't own an RV, you'll find a surprising number of RV rentals options for you to consider.

Nolan's ... Read >

Relaxing Spring Break Road Trip!

Some Road Trip Planners just want to catch up on their sleep, relax poolside and enjoy some nice dinners during Spring Break. Relaxing does not mean boring; it means replenishing and rebuilding energy after a rough week of testing.

Others just want to ... Read >

The Top 5 Beach Towns in Australia to Hit this Winter

A savvy road trip planner knows that if she sees a trip with both the words March and Beach in the itinerary, chances are she's looking at a destination near or south of the equator. While someone living in the Northern hemisphere might remark, "February ... Read >

Maui Beach Road Trip During the Winter

By mid-February, most road trip planners start hankering for some fun in the sun and just don't want to wait another four months for the climate to catch up to desire. So they catch a plane to Maui, rent a Jeep and continue their road trip adventure with... Read >

Valentine's Day Weekend Getaway

A road trip planner earns bonus points when he/she creates a romantic weekend road trip for two for Valentine's Day; or, if it's for an anniversary or honeymoon, you can extend it to a week or more. Whatever the length, with these romantic touches, you'l... Read >

Head North to Alaska Road Trip

One of the first challenges a road trip planner must tackle when he first sets his sights on Alaska is to decide how much driving he wants to do on this road trip. Alaska offers vast mountains, colossal blue-white glaciers and an abundance of wildlife wit... Read >

New Year's Resolution: One Road Trip Per Month

Forget those boring New Year's resolutions like "lose weight" or "save more", add FUN to your year by pledging to use your Road Trip Planner at least once a month to explore your world near and far.

Before you object by declaring, "There's no way I can... Read >

Antique Hunting in a Winter Weekend Getaway

If you're planning your next weekend road trip and are wondering what theme to use in your road trip planner, consider making it an antique and collectibles weekend. Once the Holidays are safely behind us, what lies ahead are around 18 where you be warme... Read >

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