Monday, August 29, 2011

Gary Brown

The Dewalt Router

Bringing life to your wooden project is not a hard task ifyou have the right dewalt tools. One dewalt power tool usedfor this purpose is the dewalt router. With the variety of bitsavailable for this dewalt tool, its harder to decide what designyou want th... Read >

The Dewalt Reciprocating Saw

Better known as the sawzall, to most Dewalt toolusers. The Dewalt reciprocating saw could be classedas one of the most versatile Dewalt tools on the markettoday. With the different blade attachments you can cutthrough various materials with ease, hence th... Read >

The Dewalt Planner

An essential Dewalt power tool for a serious woodworking enthusiast
is the Dewalt planner. The reason I say that is, most wood working
patterns require thicknesses that may be hard to find at the local supply
store. With a Dewalt planner and a few pas... Read >

The Dewalt Table Saw

One of the most common Dewalt power tools you will
find in any garage, work shop, or new home job site is
the dewalt table saw.

The Dewalt table saw is one of the most frequently used
tools for cutting precise widths by using the rip fence. But... Read >

The Dewalt Scroll Saw and the Weekend Hobbiest

The possibilities of making wood crafts and decorations
are unlimited, when you have the right tools, and patterns.
Dewalt tools are my preference, for the simple fact that they
are dependable and they have a large variety for just about
every job ima... Read >

Dewalt Power Tools--Safety Tips

With the rush of everyday life these days, safety seems to rank in second place behind productivity. For instance,trying to get a roof on a new home before bad weather sets in.Naturally, you speed up to avoid weather damage. At the same time, without even... Read >

Dewalt Power Tools--Framing and Remodeling

Dewalt tools are designed to assist in everything from the construction jobsite and industrial work to the everyday work at home projects and hobbies. And having the right dewalt power tool on hand will make things go faster and easier.

One of the d... Read >

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