Monday, August 29, 2011

Expecting Mother’s Diet Influencing Baby’s Gender?

Boy or girl? If you're an expecting mother, and don't want to accidentally influence the gender of your future baby, you may want to pay special attention to your diet before conceiving the baby, according to recent studies.

A baby`s sex depends on several different factors, which may enhance or decrease the performance of spermatozoids with the Y chromosome, the chromosome that defines the sex.

Recent studies conducted on mice proved that the females that followed a diet based on saturated fatty acids gave birth preponderantly to male babies. If their mothers' diet contained mostly carbohydrates, more females were born, according to Dr. Michael Roberts from the Missouri-Columbia University.

Other factors that influence your child`s sex include your body's PH and the frequency of the sexual contacts before ovulation. Researchers believe that the high-fat diet produces certain hormonal changes in the feminine reproductive system.

Based on the study's results, it follows that, in case you'd like to have a girl, you should try to eat foods richer

in calcium and magnesium such as eggs, dairy products, cereals, nuts, ice cream, grapefruit, apples, carrots, mandarins, and foods without salt.

Mothers who'd like to have a boy should eat foods with high amounts of sodium and potassium like meat, fish, beans, rice, potatoes, peaches, bananas, watermelon, tomatoes, and apricots.

The study's authors pointed out that diet is only one of several factors that may influence a baby's gender.

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