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Baby Food Recipes - Baby Finger Foods

Baby finger food is any small piece of food that your baby can pick up and eat by himself. Giving your baby finger food can be very funny and moreover it is very important step for your little one. Thanks to eating finger foods, your baby is becoming more independent and he develops coordination and motor skills.

When can you introduce finger foods?
Pediatricians usually say that you can start giving your baby finger foods when your baby is between 7-10 months, or when you see that your baby is able to sit well without support and has coordination to hold and bring food to his mouth. The other sign that baby is ready for finger foods is when you notice that he is grabbing spoon or food in his hands.

What can I give my baby as finger foods? 

Fruits for baby finger foods:
  • soft baked peaches - diced

  • small dices of ripe banana dices of ripe pears

  • small bits of avocado

  • squished blueberries

  • small dices of melon

  • small bits of ripe mango

  • kiwi - diced small

  • small dices of mixed fruits- finger food salad

Vegetables for baby finger foods:
  • soft baked sweet potato dices or sweet potato fries

  • small bits of soft cooked green beans

  • small dices of soft cooked broccoli

  • small dices of soft cooked peas

  • small bits of soft baked butternut or acorn squash

  • small dices of soft cooked carrots

  • soft baked white potato dices

Other baby finger foods:
  • small pieces of well cooked meats

  • pieces of bread

  • plain wafer type cookies

  • baby crackers

  • small pieces of cheese

  • cooked pasta

  • pieces of soft ripe fruits

  • dry cereals, like cheerio's

  • scrambled egg yolks

  • petite toast points with a fruit puree spread or thin cream cheese

Always supervise your baby while he eats finger foods. Be careful because baby can choke after finger foods. Don't give your baby unhealthy and sugary things. Avoid honey until 12 months because it contains botulism spores.

If your baby is not interested in eating finger foods, wait some time and try to offer finger foods again. You can try offer something new to baby's favorite food. Give your baby finger foods when he is hungry, it can encourage your little one to eat more. Remember that all babies are different, and some may prefer to eat finger foods as a snack. 

Enjoy time with your baby and show him that he can have fun while eating finger foods.

Baby finger foods recipe - Fried bananas

  • 1 or 2 bananas

  • butter

How to prepare fried bananas:
First Peel a banana and slice it in half lengthwise. Then add 1 tablespoon of butter to a small frying pan and melt it. Put banana on the pan. Fry for about 5 minutes then turn over gently Fry for 5 more minutes until both sides turn a golden brown. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Next, remove from pan and serve warm.

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